IMG_4413Today was pretty busy for me. I mainly focused on the sitemap for LikeMinds, but this entry isn’t about me. It’s about the lady of the house, Hitomi Yasushi. She cooks us breakfast, makes lunch and finishes it all off with a dinner. Everything she makes is just awesome.

When Hitomi made dinner tonight, we weren’t expecting a meal like this! It was absolutely amazing! She made hand tossed salad, baked bread, baked chicken, and potato egg pie. Yes, potato egg pie! It was the bomb. It was so good that the food was the only thing we talked about at the table. Demetrius said, “The only thing that will be left is the aroma.” He was right. The flavors were doing the macarena in my mouth. 

I wanted to know how she learned to cook so well, so I asked. Hitomi is from Tokyo and has been cooking for over 30 years. She studied cooking for 6 of those years. She wrote and blogged for magazines about cooking back in Tokyo. WOW! I’m going to stop talking and let the pictures do the rest. I can’t wait for what she makes for the next couple of days.

IMG_4411       IMG_4419      IMG_4412

– Monte