Every year students across the nation experience this dreaded disease. Those of you who’ve graduated may remember it, perhaps some of you have even experienced in high school. That disease is of course, Senioritis.

What exactly is Senioritis? 

It occurs when things start to “slip.” When  you’ve lost the desire to go to class, when you put your homework off until the very last minute, when the sun starts to shine and disk golfing is far more important than studying for midterms. Day beers anyone?

We’ve all been there, but we want to help you battle the dreaded Senioritis. Follow our tips to avoid this dreaded disease!

1. Plan Ahead – sounds simple, right? It most definitely is! It’s also your first line of defense in combating Senioritis. Look over your syllabus at the start of the semester. Plan for papers, midterms, and labs. Stay ahead of the game as much as possible. By planning, you can beat the disease!

2. Find Your Motivation – what brought you here? Chanel your high school self. What was your goal, what was your dream? Use that as your motivation. In fact, use whatever you can as your motivation. Maybe it’s the high salary job you’re going to land after graduation, maybe it’s your travel plans. Find your motivation and hold on until you walk across that stage.

3. Set Expectations – one of the easiest ways to catch Senioritis is by lacking expectations. Set standards for yourself. Maybe you’re aiming to get a 90% on every quiz or shooting to study at least 10 hours per week. Whatever your expectations may be, let them guide you. Meet your own standards and say goodbye to Senioritis.

4. Don’t Give Up – did you set expectations and fail to meet them? Are you halfway through the semester and it all seems to be falling apart? Don’t give up! Now is not the time to give up. Keep pushing forward. Reevaluate your standards. Talk with your TAs and professors, see about extra credit opportunities. Study harder to make up for a slow start. Remember, it’s not over yet!

5. Remember the End is Near – you’re so close. Now is not the time to lose sight of that. Catching Senioristis can be detrimental. Stay focused on your goals and keep going!

6. Have Fun – Most important of all, make time for fun. You know how it goes, “all work and no play…” the fastest way to catch Senioritis is by working away your senior year. Although senior year is tough and your professors demand a lot from you, make time for a little stress relief with friends.